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Sprouting seeds - Jar of the Week

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Sprouting seeds - Jar of the Week

Crammed with essential minerals and enzymes, our organic sprouting seeds and the perfect way to add some life force to any meal!

Sprouting seeds are the ultimate definition of a living food, as they are literally still growing until you munch them down (or plant 'em?). Some sprouting seeds, such as broccoli, contain up to 10,000 times of certain nutrients found in the fully grown plant - so they really can pack a healthy punch! Also due to them being living, they are crammed with beneficial enzymes and microbes that assist digestion phenomenally.

Each and every week we completely different seeds in our state-of-the-art sprouter, this weeks mix is as follows:

  • Chickpeas
  • Mung Beans
  • Alfalfa Seeds
  • Broccoli

Sprouting seeds keep for roughly 1 week in the fridge, however you must ensure that you do not contaminate the jar.

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